Books Published

CoverASKSEEKKNOCKAsk. Seek. Knock. A Life Shaped By Conversations With GodIt tells a straightforward story of the author’s life. Growing up as a poor country girl in the interior of Brazil, at a time when acquiring an education was a privilege of the rich; she held an impossible dream – to be able to go to school. In despair, she reaches for the mercy and faithfulness of God. This experience strengthens her faith and gives her courage to face other challenges, culminating with the biggest adventure of her life – finding a husband with specific qualifications. Discover in these pages how these stories unfold.

MilcahMilcahBiblical fiction telling the story of the five daughters of Zelophahad – five proto-feminist Israelites whose story changed the status of women. The story narrates their world and the events that occurred after their fateful appeal to Moses.


NewCoverMilcaMilca A translation  of Milcah into Portuguese. A tradução de Milcah em Português.

All titles are available in paperback and eBook formats. Todos os títulos estão disponíveis em paperback e eBook.


A Menina, A Escola e A Gaiola – In Portuguese
The author’s life up to the age of sixteen. Currently, this title is out of print. Contact the author to receive a free PDF download of it.
Este livro trata da vida da autora até a idade de dezesseis anos. Atualmente, está fora de impressão. Fale com a autora para receber livre, em PDF, um download deste título.

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